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September 15, 2018 – Saturday night the sun was out, the track was slick and the fans got quite the show. The West Side Performance Plus Late Model Championship Feature race was milliseconds away from being a photo finish.  Dale Glassford #60 was this years Cinderella story, finally after battling bad luck all year he ended his season on a high note – as Late Model Champion and Season Points Champion.  Glassford started out front and put on a show racing hard with second place finisher Chris Ross #18R and third place finisher Jim Dale Jr. #00.  “I could feel Dale beside me” Glassford said of his almost photo finish.  Using the corners to sling shot his car forward to overtake Ross he had fans on their feet as he drove hard out of turn four to become the 2018 Late Model Champion.  Ross, began the race in fifth position and waited for the right moment to make a sliding pass through two cars in turn four making his way up front to battle the leaders.  Ross, drove hard to overtake Glassford but couldn’t quite catch him coming out of the corners and finished with a second place championship.  Dale Jr told the track announcer Dean Outhouse he was aiming for a top five finish.  “I’ll take a third place finish with this little crate motor any day” a beaming Dale Jr said in victory lane surrounded by his crew and family members.  Dale JR. drove an impressive race and at times was the race leader.  It all came down to a final restart with five laps left.  The fans were on their feet holding their breath as they watched these incredible drivers fight each other hard and finish within milliseconds of each other.

The Schinkels Modified Championship Feature Race was a fast race to watch and it wasn’t long before Joey Brosseau #47 had an impressive 2.3 second lead on his opponents. Brosseau mapped out his plan of attack for the Championship during Mid Season and after checking out the track conditions at intermission, he was confident his car had what it needed to claim Season Champion. An excited Brosseau thanked his crew for all of their help this season, especially for their hard on Saturday of as they finished fixing the car that afternoon from an incident two weeks ago.  “I didn’t have anything for Joey (Brosseau), he was a wild man on the high side!” Second place finisher Mario Toniolo #14 said in victory lane.  It was a hard battle with Brian Speelman #22s for second place, but Toniolo held tight as he battled lap after lap for his second place finish.  Looking over his season, Toniolo said his car “has come a long way” and he is looking forward to this years upcoming Shootout Weekend.  Speelman finished the Championship Race third and is this years Modified Points Champion.  Surrounded by his beaming family, he thanked his wife and kids for supporting him all season.

“It’s never too late” Andrew Pfahler #7X said after the Great Canadian Oil Change Modified Feature Race. This was Pfahler’s first win of his racing career and he did not hold back his excitement.  “We’ve been working hard for multiple years, its been a rocky road, you just have to get over the hump and here we are”.  When asked if he was going to return for the shoot out weekend he responded with a smile, “That’s why we’re here tonight, to test and tune”.  Caleb O’Learly #28k had an incredible race beginning in 19th position he made an amazing climb to finish in 2nd  place.  West Bertozzi #K9 finished in 3rd place.

It was some fantastic three wide racing during the Auto Tech Sales and Service Thunderstock Feature race. Jim Lampman #28 dominated the race for the majority of the feature.  It wasn’t long before Steve Shaw #96 and Steve Shaw Jr 96 JR were hot on his tracks.  “I was waiting for JR to make his move, then I realized we were running out of laps so I made mine” Shaw Sr said about overtaking Lampman for the win.  Shaw took his time in Victory Lane to thank all of the fans for their support of this new class at South Buxton Raceway “I knew it was going to be a good one” he said.  Lampman finished in second place and Shaw Jr finished third.

By: Kerri Wright

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